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Who is Provox?
Provox Centre for Public Relations and Communication, based in Randburg, offers a variety of Public Relations and Communication professional development programmes, short courses and corporate customised training.

Who do we train?
Programmes are practical, involving Best Practice scenarios and case studies for newcomers and experienced practitioners in government communication, NGOs, consultancies, corporate public relations, public affairs, marketing communication, CSI, media liaison, etc.

Why study Provox programmes?
Because they are:

  • specifically designed for the profession by practitioners
  • presented part-time and in condensed blocks enabling you to study and work
  • practical and relevant in content by combining theory with workplace experience - based on outcomes and case studies
  • generous in teaching time and learner support
  • globally recognised with a local focus through your PRISA membership

Who trains and facilitates?
The Centre has extensive experience in public relations training and relies on industry subject matter experts to develop and present these cost-effective programmes in a personalised environment.

PRISA Endorsement
Programmes are endorsed by the South African professional body, PRISA, the Public Relations Institute of Communication Management. It endorses and recognises quality education, training and professional development programmes and provides continuing professional development and information services for its members.  It sets standards – and has a globally recognised code of ethics and professional standards.

Continuous professional development (CPD)
Candidates who attend our programmes also become members of PRISA. Therefore, they also qualify for CPD points. CPD is a global move in all professional associations whereby practitioners voluntarily plan, monitor, implement and assess their own skills development at their own pace. This process becomes a partnership with PRISA who also awards CPD points to participants. More info is available on the PRISA website. (www.prisa.co.za)

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